The North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council has now deployed many school-wide vemiculture composters in our “Worm Wizards of Waste” program

This environmental education program is a vermiculture waste-to-compost program working with schools to help them divert their food wastes from landfills to onsite bins with earthworms that recycle the waste into rich compost material.  Over the past year, our conservationists have installed several onsite worm bins at schools in Sonoma County, and conducted environmental education in more than two dozen schools on reducing waste streams.  Our conservationists provide a classroom module on composting, and work with student leaders at the school to develop an ongoing school composting program.  Less food waste in landfills means less methane (a potent greenhouse gas) generation in the landfill, plus the compost can be used in school gardens, or even sold as a school fundraiser.

We are accepting schools to our waiting list, and made this program one of the top priorities for the Council to implement in 2017 and 2018 when we exapanded for the first time into Mendocino and Lake Counties. We are seeking additional funds for deploying bins in the 2018-2019 school year cycle. If you are a school administrator or a teacher interested in having this free program come to your school, simply fill out the form under Join IUs>>>School Visits on the navigation bar above.

Check out the links above on how you can participate or find out more information about WORM WIZARDS!

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