We welcome all educators near and far.  Looking for teaching resources to help your students take action on climate change by starting a school composting program?  Need virtual learning support materials for your current Waste Wizards program?  You've come to the right place. 


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Waste Wizards Classroom Resources

Waste Wizards Program

Waste Wizards Video

Food Waste Audit Forms

Vermicompost Bin Data Tracker  

36 Clean Up Cards for Recycling Relay Race

Recycling Changes Everything Diversion Data Sheet


Waste Wizards Instruction Videos & Slides

How to Set Up Your Worm Bin Video

How to Feed the Worms Video (coming soon)

Recycling Changes Everything Lessons (coming soon)


Single Bin System

Waste Wizards Worm Bins


Care and Maintenance of Bin Systems

Worm Chow Ingredients








Composting Lesson Plans

K-8 Soil Health Curriculum for School Gardens

K-12 Food Scrap Composting Activities

4th & 5th Grade - 4R Curriculum English & Spanish

4th, 5th & 6th Grade - Garden Lessons-Nutrient Cycling

Middle School - Beetles Field Instruction

Middle School - Beetles Decomposition

Middle School Soil Story Curriculum


Teacher Supplemental Learning

US Composting Council

Composting at Schools

Health and Safety Guidance for Composting at the School Setting

Sonoma County Waste Characterization Study

Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio

The Worm Farmers Handbook

California Education & Environment Initiative


Composting Videos

How Compost is Made

TEDed Vermicomposting 

Worms At Work 20 Days

The Compost Story (Full Video) by Kiss The Ground