The small act of changing how waste is viewed can make a big difference towards protecting our fragile ecosystems, agricultural systems, water resources as well as the economic and political well-being of our communities. Increasing recycling literacy and engaging youth in sustainability actions in California schools is one effective way to slow or reduce climate change on our planet. Some of the best “recyclers” in the world are the littlest creatures: earthworms. Vermiculture (worm) composting can transform waste into a useful product that is beneficial to the planet.

In 2016, we expanded on our vermiculture program to develop the Worm Wizards of Waste program. We successfully implemented a kick-off grant with funding from the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency and other donors for vermiculture composting. This 2016 environmental education program reached over 1,000 people with environmental education in 30 schools, and also included elements of on-the-ground change with deployment of eight school-wide composting worm bins.  Read about our success here.Report On 2016